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The Mergers & Acquisitions practice at Banks Street Partners delivers superior market intelligence, deep relationships, and nearly two centuries of combined experience advising financial institutions on complex transactions.  Each transaction has unique challenges and process intricacies that are best managed by a team that has seen it all before. And yet, BSP believes the essence of M&A is the same in any transaction:

  • Defining and executing long-term goals
  • Navigating social issues
  • Negotiating the best transaction for the Company’s shareholders

BSP will help you confirm your strategic direction through an objective evaluation, advise you on the best process to achieve the desired result, and then execute that process with competence, confidentiality and care.

Financial Institution Whole Company Transactions

Increased regulatory costs, elevated capital requirements and competitive pricing pressures have created an environment conducive to whole company mergers and acquisitions.

Certain institutions can use whole company acquisitions to accelerate franchise value creation and advance their strategic plan. BSP can help your institution identify opportunities, design and execute an acquisition strategy, and execute on that strategy.

For some institutions, the time may be right to consider a merger. BSP can help your board of directors and executive management team compare the benefits of remaining independent with the potential shareholder impact from a merger transaction. If a merger is the most attractive fiduciary direction, BSP will work to find the right partner and negotiate the best possible merger consideration for your shareholders. Experience is crucial in any environment, but these challenges demand expertise of advisers who have dedicated their careers to steering financial institution mergers to successful completion.

Branch Purchases and Sales / Asset Purchases and Sales

Adjusting to an evolving financial landscape increasingly leads financial institutions to reconfigure their branch infrastructure and/or reevaluate certain lines of business. BSP is an experienced adviser in these types of transactions and can help your institution find the right party or parties and structure a mutually agreeable outcome. Likewise, BSP can help your company find an attractive branch acquisition to fuel a meaningful market expansion and increase franchise value.

Bankruptcy and Failed Bank Transactions

The partners at BSP have experience with these types of transactions dating back to the late 1980s. During last decade’s wave of FDIC-assisted transactions, BSP was a leading adviser to acquiring institutions in the eastern United States. Our team closely watches the developments in bankruptcy and failed bank transactions and is prepared to provide our clients with superior analysis and advice.

Bankruptcy cases are difficult for both buyers and sellers and require a steady hand as financial adviser.

BSP believes an adviser is critical when considering an FDIC-assisted transaction. Our team brings considerable expertise to evaluating a possible transaction, honing a bidding strategy, analyzing the potential competition, and communicating the intricacies of the process to your board of directors. Our philosophy is to objectively determine the best possible bid or set of bids for our client, without compromising prudence and strategic rationale, while maintaining discipline during the blind auction process. We never have and never will pressure a client to stretch in the name of winning.

Financial Technology Mergers and Acquisitions

Traditional financial institutions and financial technology companies will continue to find ways to partner and do business together going-forward.  These investments and strategic partnerships are unfolding on a daily basis.  Additionally, as regulatory infrastructure continues to develop around financial technology it will require an adviser with significant financial institution, regulatory, and financial technology experience to successfully coalesce these partnerships.  BSP is this adviser.  BSP looks forward to building a relationship with your company, assessing your market position and objectives, and advising you on your full suite of strategic options, including, as appropriate, mergers and acquisitions.  BSP is well-positioned to introduce your company to both strategic buyers and financial sponsors as is determined to be in the best interest of shareholder value.

Wealth Management, Trust and RIA Mergers and Acquisitions

Consistent with BSP’s approach, the most successful wealth management firms, trust companies, and RIAs are built on the foundation of decades of developing relationships.  There are few greater responsibilities in life than managing or dealing in an individual’s or family’s, sometimes generations old, assets and financial well-being.  BSP observes the attentive and thoughtful manner in which our wealth management, trust and RIA clients approach their clients and strives to approach our clients in the same manner. As your company often takes years to build, developing and executing an exit or roll-up strategy is equally as meticulous.  BSP is well-equipped to assess your company’s strategic opportunities and facilitate introductions to potential partners as desired.           

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